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Custom Recycled Skateboard Furniture Custom Recycled Skateboard Furniture
Custom Recycled Skateboard Furniture - Do you have a special design request? Wanna use yer own decks?
Custom Skateboard Furniture...Stool...bench...whatever!

You got a better idea? Do you want us to build something using your broken boards?
Send us your broken skateboards and we will produce a custom deckstool or deckbench using your decks. Got another idea? Contact us to work it out and we will give you a price! Our custom furniture is built with the same love and attention to quality as our production furniture. Please contact us!

Custom Orders using your decks!
Custom deckstool Using Your decks $199.99
Shipping to Continental U.S. is $25.00 and $75.00 to Europe/ Email us for lnternational Orders
Custom deckbench Using Your decks 48" Two Seater $699.99 / 60" Three Seater $799.99
Shipping to Continental U.S. is $95.00 / Email us for lntrn'l Shipping
Send us your broken boards for custom Skate furniture
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