A Partnership with Benefits

Through our Skateboard "Buyback" Recycling Program we partner with independent skate shops, parks, and skate-related charities across the USA to collect broken boards for reuse.

Independent skate shops are at the center of a local skate scene often serving as a de facto meeting place and community center. Sadly, like much of the current retail environment, they are in danger of extinction due to online competition.

Motivation Not Sanitation

Skaters are motivated to keep busted boards out of dumpsters when the boards have value to their local skate shop or park. The Skateboard “Buyback” Program gives money back to these small skateboard businesses, or to skateboard related causes such as helping to fund a local skatepark project. 

The goal of deckstool is to support skateboarding through our recycling program and build a business by turning tons of trashed skatedecks into beautiful, useful products that last. 

Does your business have a possible "waste material with beneifits” that you are interested in reusing or upcycling? We are always interested in new design explorations and opportunities. Please contact us to discuss.