Skate Or Design Recycled Skateboard Wall Tiles are perfect for creating a feature wall in an otherwise ordinary space. You can create a striking, colorful vertical surface with relatively fast installation. Skateboard Tiles may be supplied individually to be installed on site, or we can custom build pre-tiled panels to your specifications.

General Design Considerations:

  • Skate Or Design tiles can be positioned in a number of different ways to achieve various effects. Consult with us to explore the possibilities.

  • Tiles can be applied in a continuous repeat, a staggered “random” pattern, or used in combination with other Skate Or Design Tile shapes.

  • Custom shapes and designs are possible. Please share your project ideas.

Individual Tile Installation


Individual tiles may be attached directly to an appropriate wall substrate or sheathing with fasteners.

  • Hidden Fastener Systems - Tiles are secured to the wall using specially designed fasteners and existing truck holes, or holes designed to be concealed after installation.

  • Nails and Adhesive - Tiles are secured using small gauge nails in discreet locations. Adhesive may be used in some cases.


Pre-Tiled Panel Installation


The Skate Or Design tile of your choice may be pre-applied to a structural backing panel such as plywood or MDF. Pre-Tiled Panels are custom built to your project specifications and offer many installation options. Panels may be bolted directly to the wall structure, hung using a cleat system, adapted to work with an existing wall system and more.